Norah – Now Adopted!

Norah is Home

Norah has found her way ‘home’. She is staying with her foster family and we couldn’t be happier.

Norah had been living with a gentleman since she was a puppy and tragically her owner had died Leaving little Norah all alone sad and blue.

Losing her owner has left Norah with scars, she now suffers with anxiety god love her. Norah settled in perfectly with Jo and her family and has continued to flourish, so after discussions, it was agreed that Nora’s needs would be best met if she stayed with Jo.

So welcome home Norah huge congratulations to Jo and your family and we are already looking forward to following your lives together.

Thank you to Emma and her family for fostering Norah when she first came in. We are truly very grateful for all your help.

A little of Norah’s story below,

We were contacted yesterday by greyhound rescue in the Northeast to ask us if we had room for a 3-year-old spayed bitch.

Norah had been living with a gentleman since she was a puppy but sadly the man died leaving Norah alone. First choice would have been that she could go to a family member but sadly no one wanted her.

We were then left with an ultimatum we either collected this girl or they were having her put to sleep, and we could never let that happen.

Thank you, Debbie, at the rescue took her in to keep her safe and then we collected her the next day. We really can thank Debbie enough.

Norah has gone from everything she knew to nothing and spending a night alone in kennels.

She will now spend her time being loved and cared for till we find her a forever family.

After collecting Norah, we have found a few things medically that need addressing,

The beginnings of interdigital cyst on both front paws

Missing Fur patches all over

She has pink skin and a sore on her face and ears.

Yet again another rescue coming with absolutely no belongings, and very little information. Big thank you goes to Debbie for keeping her safe and Emma for collecting her and fostering her in the Northeast.

When Norah came into foster, she was very withdrawn and shut down. It took some time and gentle patience for her to start opening up.

And wow when she did, we found what an unbelievable sweet and happy little girl she is, full of affection for her humans.

Norah absolutely loves people especially children, but unfortunately, she isn’t a fan of other dogs in her space.

Norah has a feisty side to her and likes her humans all to herself, both inside and out of her home. When Norah is excited, she gets happy feet and does a little dance.

She is always happy to greet you and will follow close by you side. Norah really enjoys a walk out and gets very excited when she sees her collar and lead.

Dogs name:

Norah (Nala)


3years old.

Can live with children:

Yes, dog savvy children.

Can live with dogs:


Can live with cats:


Current location:

Blyth, Northumberland.

Things to be aware of:

Norah may be withdrawn for a short time, but plenty of patience and calm to help her feel safe and she will open up beautifully to show you her full personality.

Norah is reactive towards other dog’s who invade her space, so it is advised that she is walked with a yellow caution sleeve on her lead, to protect her and prevent other owners allowing their dogs to approach her.

Norah can hump when over excited and anxious, but she responds quickly to Norah No/Down.

The ideal home:

Norah unfortunately must be an only dog, but what a dog she is.

She would love an active family who will include her in every part of family life.

She will happily potter around all day at your side or snoozing in her bed somewhere warm. And love long country walks with the family and back home to spend the evening cuddled up at your side enjoying ever bit of affection possible.

Her family must understand how to help her through her reactivity and how to distract her.

Other comments:

Norah is incredible she came into foster a heart broken little girl, and it has been pure joy to see her grow in such a relatively short time. She is such a wonderful little girl you hardly know you have her, when your home. We cant stress enough how her reactivity shouldn’t hold her back from finding her happy ever after. That there are things you can put in place to protect her.   

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