Una – Now Adopted!

Una is Home!

We are absolutely overjoyed to announce Una is now home!

Una is settling in very well with her new pawrents, Ellie and Greg and her new sisters. She is enjoying being a huge part of their family and is very much being loved and adored.

It’s no surprise that she has taken no time at all wrapping everyone around those tiny paws of hers. We have no doubt that she will soon be ruling her domain from her throne in no time.

Please join us in congratulating Ellie, Greg and family on their gorgeous new addition Una.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness together and look forward to sharing the next chapter of your life with you.

Be happy Una and enjoy your fabulous new life.

A massive thank you to our Louise on another fabulous foster. You have done an amazing job, loving and caring for Una and preparing her for her forever home. We are very grateful to you for everything.

A little of Una’s story below,

Una came into GBSR at just 21 weeks old.

We were contacted by her owner who had Una from one of her litters.

She had originally wanted us to take Una’s Mummy as well however we only have Una for now.

Una has had issues with her breathing from the get go. And her owner couldn’t afford her medical needs.

When we collected her yesterday her fosters were worried about her breathing.

She isn’t playing like a normal puppy and got out of breath very quickly.

She was very subdued and just sat down a lot and didn’t want to play.

She kept trying to bring something up of her chest, but it wasn’t coming up.

So we made an emergency trip to the vets this morning. Una’s temperature was high and she was pretty poorly. We suspected she had aspiration pneumonia, and this was confirmed by the vet. She was very rattily and has loads of upper airway noise. She’s struggling to rest because she can’t breathe when she lays down.

She has cherry eye and she was very weak on her back legs. She needs to lose some weight to help with her breathing and build up her muscle. Because she’s not active we have a challenge ahead to do this.

Thank you to Louise & Simon who collected Una yesterday and then took her straight to the vets today. She is staying with them in foster in the midlands.


Well little Miss Diva is ready to find her forever family.

Una is incredible she makes every moment matter.

She came into GBSR a little poorly and overweight, but after lots of TLC this little whirlwind puppy emerged.

She does this funny little stop, drop and roll to get you to rub her tummy. Such a quirky little girl, she can keep you entertained the whole day through.

She is active and playful, loves chasing and playing with the children in her foster home.

She currently lives with a spayed female and gets on well with her.

She loves a gentle walk and gets very excited when she sees her harness and loves meeting new dogs and people when out. She is eager to please and loves to be in your company. Una loves her crate and sees it as her safe space.

Dogs name:




Can live with children:

Yes, dog savvy children.

Can live with dogs:

Yes, laid back, No entire dogs.

Can live with cats:

Yes, dog savvy cats.

Current location:

Leicestershire, Midlands

Things to be aware of:

Una may need BOAS surgery in the future, this is something her new owners will need to prepare for financially. New owners must have an understanding of BOAS, and how to manage Una’s needs.

Making sure she takes regular breaks during play and gentle exercise only. Una will be going home on a to be spayed contract at 18months at a vet of the charity’s choice.

 Whilst Una undergoes her spay, her Cherry eye will be repocketed. Cost covered by the charity.

Una will need daily eyedrops to keep her eye moisturised.

Una is still incredibly young so training is ongoing and must be continued in her new home.

Due to Una’s age any young children must be supervised and new introductions to resident dogs must be done slowly and carefully.   

The ideal home:

Una being a puppy can live in any home environment. But we would like to see her a part of an active family home.

One where she can be included in every aspect of family life and grow with.

Una can be left for up to 3hours if she is crated.   

Other comments:

Una has been incredible during her foster with us. She has proved the tenacity of the breed is deep within the DNA. She is determined and refuses to believe that she has any health issues. She has stolen the hearts of us all, as we have watched her grow into this tenacious wonderful little bulldog. 

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