Odie – Now Adopted

Odie is a very loving young boy who came into foster as a boisterous lad with no manners. He adores people and wants to be a part of everything. Snoozes are for losers in Odies’s world.

He loves rough play but never oversteps the mark or gets mouthy, he just enjoys the interaction.

Toys are essential to Odie with balls being his favourite and he has learned to share with the resident Pug, Bella.

Odie really enjoys going on walks and having playtime and interaction with other dogs. His foster mum uses a collar and harness with 2 leads because he pulls to get going, he is a strong boy.

Dogs Name: Odie

 Age: 2 years old

 Can live with children: Yes

 Can live with dogs: Yes, he can be rehomed with a friendly but dominant female dog that will put him in his place

 Can live with cats: Untested

 Current location: West Midlands

Things to be Aware of:

When Odie came into foster, he had been used to a certain amount of dominance in his previous home. He isn’t aggressive but he clearly thought he was top dog and tested Bella.  This was soon sorted with a bottle of stones shaken every time he wanted to dominate her. Now she is able to put Odie in his place if he tries it on and he lives with her very happily.

He doesn’t like small yappy dogs in his face and will have a grumble about that.

Odie can push himself around a bit when playing with other dogs, but he soon backs down if he is told off.

Face and ear cleaning is not high on Odie’s agenda, and he makes like a starfish if you want to lift him into the bath.

And he has a habit of jumping up. He will jump up at people to say hello and at kitchen units to see what’s there, he can even jump up onto a table…. this requires more training.

The Ideal Family:

One word, active.

This boy in very energetic and he would suit an active family that will involve him in lots of walks and adventures. He needs at least 2 good walks a day where he can burn off some of his energy.

He still throws himself about like an overgrown puppy sometimes so care would be needed with any young children as he doesn’t realise his own size.

 Other comments:

Odie came to us as an unruly young boy that needed boundaries and his foster mum has done a very good job training him with basic manners and commands. He is young and he wants to learn so his new family will need to take this into consideration as he needs ongoing training, especially with jumping up.

Given that he is high energy and requires further training he is also very adorable & loving and with the right home he will be a fantastic family pet.

Odie is neutered, toilet trained and travels well once he gets into the car so we will consider a new home up to 4 hours from his current location in Worcestershire.

If you have any questions, please ask Heather Chew foster mum to Odie

 Odie’s adoption fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to him going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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