Porcha – Now Adopted!

Princess Porcha is home!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Porcha is now home.

Sometimes the stars align when you least expect them too.

During Porcha’s vet check it was discovered that she has a heart condition. As you can imagine we had some concerns about putting her up for adoption.

We knew we couldn’t look for her family as we usually would, because our precious Porcha needed such a special family.

Shell and her family applied for another of our dogs but wasn’t the fit for her. However, we knew they would be perfect for Porcha.

Shell is a vet and understands the care needs for Porcha, Porcha met Shell on one of her vet visits and stole her heart.

We were over the moon when Shell and her family decided to offer Porcha her forever home.

She was picked up by her mum and dad Shell and Jamie and their daughter Delphine.

She’s had a great first night!

Few minutes of barking before bedtime but she soon settled and was quiet all night. No accidents this morning, but VERY happy to see her new family.

She was wagging her whole bum.

Delphine is utterly obsessed, and Porcha’s been SO gentle taking toys and treats from her.

Don’t you just love a happy ending!!

Thank you so much to Trish for preparing Porcha so well for her forever home.

We are so very grateful for all the love and care you showed Porcha.

Please join us in congratulating Shell, Jamie and Delphine on their beautiful girl Porcha. We wish you many happy and wonderful years together!

Porcha’s story below,

Please Welcome the beautiful Porcha to our GBSR family

Porcha is a 5year old intact female.

We were contacted by Porcha’s distraught owner last week, she has been struggling with Porcha’s chronic skin issue that just continued to get worse.

Their vet was a PSDA and also a charity so unable to do the tests or provide the treatment poor Porcha so desperately needs.

We received some awful pictures of just how bad Porcha’s skin was and knew we needed to collect her ASAP and get her to our vet.

We booked an urgent appointment with Solihull vet for pets and Trish organised to collect Porcha Sunday to take straight to the appointment.

Antibiotics, Steroids, Eye drops, and shampoo was just the beginning as unfortunately it was discovered that Porcha has a heart murmur.

Porcha is now in foster with Trish and her family in the Midlands and have got started on her treatment straight away. She had a very settled night but seems so sad and when we received the photo of her paw in Trish’s hand it broke our hearts.

Porcha will be seeing the vet again soon, once we have her comfortable then we can start to look at her poor heart.

Porcha came into foster with nothing so we put together a amazon wish which our incredible supporters purchased for her to start off her new life of love and comfort.

Thank you, Trish, for coming to Porcha’s aid so quickly.

Welcome to your GBSR family beautiful Porcha will see to every need you have and make sure we find you the perfect happily ever after

If you wish to follow Porcha’s journey with us

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