Rocco – Now Adopted!

Look who went home!

Our handsome boy Rocco was collected by his very excited new family.

Rocco is settling nicely and has been enjoying some nice walks and of course lots of snuggles.

Rocco has wasted no time at all training his new slaves Karly and David and their children Teddie and Biba, he has them all firmly wrapped around his paws already. They all absolutely adore him.

We want to say huge thanks to his amazing foster mum Jenny for taking the very best care of Rocco, we are truly grateful for everything you have done for him and preparing him so well for his forever home.

Huge congratulations to Karly, David, Teddie and Biba on your handsome new boy, we wish you all many happy years together and look forward to seeing all the adventures and mischief Rocco gets up to with you all.

Enjoy your happy ever after sweet boy!!

Dogs name: Rocco

Age: 4 years old.

Current location: Hereford, Herefordshire.


Children: Yes, I love children

Cats: Untested.

Dogs: Yes, calm, and laid-back dogs.



Rocco is a laid-back boy he loves all interactions with humans and dogs any way he can get attention.

Rocco will happily shower his family with love and affection in return for plenty bum scratches.

He is playful, and cheeky with a little bit of stubborn bulldog thrown in.


Rocco is a good boy, who will on occasion hump, if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention.

He can get a little excited when new people come and may jump up, but he is very good when told no.

He loves to play with anyone, balls are his favourite, and he loves a good tug of war.

Balls + Cuddles = a very happy Rocco


Rocco needs a calm but active family home, one where he can be included in all that is family life.

He will benefit from a calm and laid-back doggy companion to play and keep him company when his humans are away.

A garden is a must for this boy.


Rocco walks well on a lead and doesn’t pull.

He will happily walk with company or alone, and he does like to lead if in company.

Rocco loves to say hello and try to play with other dogs he meets. But if told no he is more than happy to just walk on by.

Rocco is very nervous of GSD’s he will bark at them and doesn’t like being approached by them. With support and confidence building during his walks, this should calm.

Toilet trained:

Completely house trained. He will happily tell you when he needs to go outside.

Can be left:

Rocco can be left for up to 4 hours at a time, he is happy in a secure room with a comfy bed and his toys to keep him occupied.


Rocco loves a car ride whether you invite him or not!

We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or crate, whilst travelling. Because of this we will consider applications up to four hours away.

Things to be aware of:

Rocco has food allergies, he must stay on his current food Royal Canine Hypoallergenic, it is very important that his diet is not changed.

Rocco may need to be on a medication called Apoquel to manage his allergies during allergy season, alongside his controlled diet. This treatment can be put on prescription from your vet, that you can then order online.

Additional information:

Rocco is an amazing boy, so full of love to give to anyone who will allow him. He has the sweetest temperament with the most adorable face, that you just can’t help but adore the moment you meet him. He will be an amazing addition to any family lucky enough to adopt him.


A little of Rocco’s story below,

Please welcome Rocco into our Springboard family, he was the 4th dog surrendered over the weekend.

Rocco is a beautiful, good natured 4-year-old entire boy, who is suffering with bad skin allergies, cysts, and terrible gunky ears.

His owner reached out to us because a change in their home life meant they could no longer care for Rocco, and he was being left for long periods. We are fit to bursting but his needs meant we jumped into action to admit him.

Thank you to Jenny Keene who travelled some distance to meet Rocco’s owner and bring him home. We think you are going to love your new foster baby.

Rocco has met his new fur sister Spotty, and they seem to be getting along very well and he is getting lots of loves from his new skin brother.

It has proved challenging to get Rocco registered at a vet in the area but Holmer Vets have been brilliant, and although their books were closed, they have agreed to register Rocco so he can get the help he needs to sooth his sore skin.

When he is ready for adoption, Rocco’s poster will be shared on social media and our website.

Welcome Rocco you are now part of our family and on your Springboard journey!

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