Ronnie – Now Adopted!

Our little pup Ronnie is Home!

Ronnie was collected yesterday and is enjoying being part of Kimberly and Alex’s gorgeous family. Their children Malachi and Lenaya are totally smitten with Ronnie and there has been lots of happy tears.

Ronnie has had a settled first night sleeping through until this morning.

He is a very happy boy lobbing his toys about and giving his new family lots of happy butt wiggles and cuddles.

So without any further ado, please join us in congratulating Kimberley, Alex, Malachi and Lenaya on their gorgeous new boy, Ronnie. We wish you all a lifetime of endless fun and happiness together.

To Ronnie, Happy forever home darling boy, we look forward to seeing all your future adventures with your new family. Be happy and a good boy x

We would like to say a massive thank you to Kate on an amazing first foster. Thank you so much for all your hard work in preparing Ronnie for his new family, we are forever grateful to you x

A little of Ronnie’s story below,

What can we say about Ronnie, he is a bundle of pure Bullie pup goodness. Ronnie is still young and learning his boundaries, he has all the typical Bullie traits stubborn, deaf ear, mouthy, etc., and has no problem using his puppy charms to try and get his way. He is wonderfully affectionate, and energetic loves a good zoomie.

Ronnie is learning to enjoy going for regular walks as part of a pack with the resident dogs in his foster home, he has shown no interest in other dogs outside the home.

Ronnie does get toy possessive and will growl at the other dog trying to play. His foster family have been working hard to teach Ronnie some basic commands but in true bulldog fashion he chooses when to listen.

Dogs name: Ronnie

Age: 8 months

Can live with children: Yes, dog savvy.

Can live with dogs: Yes, but not any entire dogs.

Can live with cats: Untested.

Current location: Nottingham, Midlands.

Things to be aware of:

Ronnie has undescended testicles and will be going home on a neuter contract to be done when he is 18 months at a vet of our choosing, cost covered by the charity.

He is a young boy and doesn’t react to well with entire males and is toy possessive. In typical Bullie fashion can be greedy and have absolutely no idea about personal space. He is eager to please and will sulk when told off. Due to his age any young children will need to be supervised around him, so he doesn’t knock them over and understand that he needs his own space and to be left alone while resting.

The ideal home: 

Ronnie will benefit greatly from an active family home, that includes him in day-to-day family activities.

Regular walks to build up his stamina as currently tires after 15 min.

Ronnie needs a family who can be firm in setting boundaries and bring him on to be a perfect gentleman. Ideally having someone home with him but can be left for up to 4hours while crated.

Other comments: 

Ronnie is an amazing young pup that has the potential to grow into a wonderful Bulldog. The right family will do that for him. He has been a wonderful addition to the GBSR family, and we look forward to seeing his future adventures and growth.