Wilson -Now Adopted!

Wilson is Home

We are thrilled to let you all know that Wonderful Wilson is Home!!

Wilson came into foster back in late August 2022 at the tender age of 1.

Sadly, not every owner surrendering their dogs tell us the full story. Unfortunately, this was the case with Wilson.

His previous owner didn’t give us all the information needed leaving us to discover  he needed cruciate ligament surgery and that Wilson was also extremely reactive towards a collar and lead. We had absolutely no way of finding out how or why he reacted so badly.

Gayle and Roy had been working with him to try and overcome this but it became clear we needed to find someone who had the experience with reactive dogs to work alongside them. So, we contacted Gavin Cain who worked very closely with us. It’s been extremely hard work for Gayle and Roy who always vowed never to give up on him. Wilson has done fantastic and is now able to wear a collar and lead again and enjoy his walks. Gayle and Roy will continue with his training and keep him on the right path.

In all the months Wilson has been in foster he had formed a very special bond with his foster parents and his fur sister Fizz bomb but more so Roy, his foster Dad. When Gayle asked us if they could adopt Wilson we were naturally over the moon. There could never be any other family more perfect for him, or who could ever love Wilson more.

Massive thank you to Trish and her family, who cared for Wilson after his cruciate surgery Also a huge thank you to Gavin Cain for helping us with Wilson. It’s been incredible watching our boy being transformed before our very eyes!

So without further ado, please join us in congratulating Gayle and Roy on their beautiful boy  We wish you all a lifetime of happiness and joy together.

To Wilson, happy forever home you lucky boy, be kind to your BFF Fizz, we can’t wait to share your new adventures with you. Be happy sweetheart.

A little of Wilson’s story below,

Wilson came into our care after his owners relationship broke down, her partner decided he didn’t want to take Wilson to his new home and trying to balance 3 young children, working full time and a dog was to much. Rather then selling Wilson she wanted to keep him safe so asked us to help and find him a forever home.

Unfortunately as often happens we didn’t get the full story on Wilson. 

Our vet soon discovered that Wilson needed cruciate ligament surgery, a very expensive operation and a very difficult and lengthy healing time.

Wilson was also extremely reactive toward any lead and collar, we knew that Wilson had a long battle ahead. So with a big deep breath we pulled up our rescue pants and started that battle at his side.

We thought the difficulty would be making sure that Wilson took the time to heal from his surgery. Making him rest but no sadly this was the easier part.

The moment Wilson saw a lead or collar he would destroy them, we couldn’t get a collar on him. To see him go through this was heart-breaking. We so desperately wanted to help him, we wanted to understand what had happened to cause him so much anxiety to make him so reactive. 

Wilson moved foster homes a couple times to see if someone else could help, but nothing we did helped him. We decided to move Wilson back to the foster home he felt more settled with.

Gayle, Roy and their family refused to give up on him. They were determined to follow every bit of advice and guidance. To research any possible tool to help. A dog behaviourist/trainer got in touch with us and offered their help. He worked closely with Gayle and Roy and in such a short amount of time Wilson and hard work Wilson can now wear a collar and go out for a walk. The transformation is incredible.

And we couldn’t be prouder!

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